The WinWinWin project harnesses the power of Blockchain technology and NFTs. The team consists of industry insiders, a world class crypto-economist and veteran developers. They promise to modernize the $1.25 billion per year sacred amulet marketplace and make it available to a global audience

WWIN makes purchasing Thai Sacred amulets more safe, secure and convenient, and allows millions of new collectors to participate wherever they are in the world.

The WWIN token gives users an ability to have near instant settlements, low fees and seamless cross-border exchange.

WWIN's Limited Edition sacred NFTs (SNFTs) are created by world class designers and blessed by highly revered Thai Monks. The first of its kind, NFT blockchain marketplace offers limited edition Thai Sacred Non-Fungible Tokens (SNFTs) that will be available exclusively from WWIN. This SNFT marketplace is the first of its kind, offering a better, safer and more convenient way to buy and sell Thai Sacred Amulets.

Sacred amulets are an important part of Thai culture. Today, 7 in 10 Thais wear at least one sacred amulet, and some Thais have thousands.

Thai sacred amulets are carved from stone, metal, or wood in the image of Buddha, Gods, animals, or popular Thai monks. Authentic ones are blessed by top monks or other religious figures. Wearers believe that each has its own special powers. Some protect from physical and spiritual dangers and illnesses, others provide good financial fortune or even a new romantic partner.

The business of making and trading Thai sacred amulets goes back hundreds of years. Some amulets now sell for more than $1 million each. In 2020 more than $1.25 billion USD in Thai sacred amulets were purchased.

Sacred amulets are sold at shops and fairs in Thailand and online. The industry is disorganized, with no set standards governing procedures.

Because amulets are so valuable, there is often fraud and misinformation about pricing and authenticity, and the marketplace is filled with fakes. Any high-value amulet exchange necessitates an intermediary, (Sian Phra), to verify its history and originality. More often than not, the authentication process is non-transparent, and debatable. This leads to fewer sales or an incorrect price being paid. Creating a more efficient marketplace and easily verifiable amulets, leads to more buyer and seller confidence, and industry growth.

WWIN SNFTs are created using blockchain technology guaranteeing their validity and rarity. Each SNFT is a limited edition and designed with the highest level of quality, ensuring that it will be collectible.

WWIN works with respected religious icons in Thailand to design and bless each SNFT giving them their spiritual. Power WWIN team member Dr. Katha Chinabunchorn, a respected icon in the Thai religious community will lead the creation of our initial SNFT series. Because our SNFTs are virutual we will enhance the ownership experience with augmented and virtual reality.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of every token will go to charitable organizations and temples in Thailand, allowing purchasers to make merit with every purchase.

The WWIN SNFT marketplace brings important advances in the areas of verification and authentication of the origin of our SNFTs. This adds real value to the SNFTs, and allows participants to exchange that value more confidently.

Our innovative platform ultimately improves market efficiency. No need to intermediaries, which saves time and money.

We are the most convenient Thai Sacred Amulet marketplace. Buyers and sellers can participate wherever they are, and any time of the day.

The innovation of blockchain guarantees that the amulets you purchase from us will be around forever. Because they are NFTs, they will have a financial value that you can be sure is the accurate. Your NFT amulet us also have a personal symbol of your faith that will be with you for a lifetime if you choose. Our platform gives you the freedom to choose verified digital amulets safely and securely.

Dr. Katha

One of Thailand’s top spiritual advisors.

DeLeon Hickman

One of the world’s top cryptocurrency experts.

Corp Dyrendal

One of Thailand’s biggest superstars.

Private Sales completed 500,000BUSD raised

Initial Moon Offering (IMO) completed 1M mmUSD raised

Public Presale First Come First Serve (FCFS)

Reserved for Liquidity Pool. LP token will be burned.




3..2..1 LIFT OFF!”

Sources of Funding

I. Private Presale: 15% of token distribution (completed).

500,000 BUSD raised.

Price: 0.033 BUSD.

Locked for 1 month after Public Sale

II. Intitial Moon Offering (IMO) 20% of token distribution (completed)

1,000,000 mmUSD raised on Moon Maker Protocol’s Platform

Price 0.050 mmUSD

48 hours lock after public sale start

Sale starts at 20:00 UTC+7 02/08/21 2 hours duration.

Hard Cap at 1,000,000. No soft cap.

III. Public Presale First Come First Served (FCFS) 20% of token distribution

1,200,000 BUSD to be raised on Winwinwin website

Price 0.060 BUSD

No lock! Presale starts at 14:00 UTC, 2 hours duration.

Hard cap at 1.2m BUSD. No soft cap.

IV. Public Listing 16:59 UTC 06/09/21

Token Symbol: wwin

Name: winwinwin

Supply: 100,000,000 Tokens

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain